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Cody Chesnutt – 21st March 2013 @ the Ruby Lounge

After a pleasant/mediocre support the crowd was eager for Mr Chesnutt, but on stage first walked the band. Not the group of young British session players that backed him on the Jools Holland show at the end of last year, and what we were led to expect, but a four piece of American seasoned, session/ […]

Jose James- No Beginning No End

  A change of camp for this offering from the New York Baritone singer, as this LP is released on Blue Note records, where Don Was has done well to secure this competent and inspiring release. Continuing on from his previous releases on ‘Brownswood’ and ‘Verve’ this entirely acoustic release from ‘Blue Note’ shows the […]

Cody Chesnutt – Landed On A Hundred

It has been a while since Atlanta born Cody Chesnutt has released an LP, about a decade, so I was intrigued to hear if his work was in the same direction as his début (The Headphone Masterpiece), the demo sounding neo soul album tinged with street savvy. This offering is a much more mature accomplishment, […]

Show # 11

Show # 11 The Jazz Invaders – Nelson feat. Dr. Lonnie Smith Tom Dice feat. The Phantom – Thug Killer Jungle Fire – Fire Walker Graham Mushnik – Highway To Cape Coast Ellen McIlwaine – Toe Hold Ski Hi – Funk Till Dawn Eugene Bracknell – We Know We Have To Live Together Chanson – […]