New Mobile Distribution Goodies

Hello everyone,

We, at DPR have been looking at bringing you the shows in the best format and quality which unfortunately has led to the omission of direct mobile streaming. We use cloud servers located on each continent to distribute the show but that format is not compatible with all smartphone platforms.

Listen on the move

However BTSync now solves that problem. Firstly, install BTSync (It’s FREE! and secure) on your device via the links below if you do not already have it. Then all you need to do is click on the link you’d like – either the Latest Show folder or the Last Five Shows folder. (The link for those is toward the end of this post)

That’s it!

The shows will then magically appear and update on your smartphone when we release them. Bingo-boom-shaka-laka!

(be careful in case your device is on mobile data connection as you may incur charges as these files are largeish and we don’t want you spending pennies. Update over Wifi to be super safe unless you are on an unlimited data contract and don’t bleeding care!)

gplayApp_en iOSApp_us winApp_en amazonApp_us


Below is the link for the Latest Show Folder

(either scan or click)

 Latest Show


Below is the link for the Last Five Shows Folder

(either scan or click)

Latest Five Shows



Fancy helping support the show?

If you have a PC, Linux or Mac and spare space on your hard drive and a love of great music then click the link below which is a folder containing every single show we’ve made. You are on a par with the Babi Jebus for doing this x

Every Show! (don’t click this is you are viewing on mobile unless you know what you’re doing)