Sleaford Mods – 19th September @ Club Academy, Manchester



The Sleaford Mods music is not the style that you would expect the site to be interested in, let alone promote. Basically its electronic music with its roots in punk bass-lines and drumming, over which lyrics are about the state of the country are snarled, shouted and grunted. This may sound not too appetising but by their 7th long player (Divide & Exit) from this duo has seen much interest in their would be answer to the plethora of twee, vintage, young bearded, indie sickness, or x factor shite that dominates the airwaves. The gig was what was expected. As most the music is pre-recoded with little nob twiddling required, there was going to be no room for musicianship. But that’s the point of this band, their message, and with great bass hooks and powered rhythms, over which spills the angry message of how wrong this country is, from the brain dead unwashed daytime tv viewers to the utter self belief of incompetent Etonians’s that currently run the place.

Most the material for the gig was from their last two releases, which went down very with the crowd lapping up the energy and singing along, although their was a cathartic feel to the room as if this music has been needed to purge the sounds of the music of mobile phone adverts from our minds for just a little bit. If you get chance go and see them to see what all the fuss is about.



Sleaford Mods – 19th September @ Club Academy, Manchester on September 23, 2014 rated 4.0 of 5