Grey Hounds – Accumilator


The Austin based duo hit the mark with their new recording with Argent Records. Keyboardist Anthony Farrell and guitarist Anthony Trube unique sound comes from their searching for thrift shop instruments. For this recording they cross boundaries of mainstream fusing RnB, Soul, Blues and Funk into a distinctive Southern sound. The song writing is fresh, so that a couple of slightly weaker songs on the recording, only stand out because of this. On the Gumbo Hour, we promoted the opening number ‘What’s On Your Mind?’ sometime in 2013, and had long forgotten this great slow southern groove about relationships going sour. The next number Yeah Yeah Yeah is a up-tempo funk number with a great live feel, as so has ‘Get Back’ which features later in the track-listing. Although this is not a classic album by any means, it is a good one. Even the slower numbers of ‘I Remember’ and sorrowful ‘Yours To Steal’ do not let this release down. The songs change from soulful blues ‘Your Gone’ and ‘Troubled Days’, to Southern Rock/Blues ‘Soul Navigator ‘, and there are shades of Dr. John and Sly Stone in ‘All Over But The Shoutin”. Altogether a good album, and if their live performances are as good, we will be seeing more of this duo in the future.


Grey Hounds – Accumilator on July 29, 2014 rated 4.0 of 5