Theo Parrish – 15th July 2014 @ The Ritz, Manchester



I had mixed feelings about this gig even before it started. I have always had a bit of difficulty with live dance music, as many times the artists are not able to re-create their recorded sounds into a live setting. But with Mr Parrish fronting a whole host of formidable musicians I was in anticipation of what could be a most interesting night. The line up for this mini tour of the UK being: Dummie DePorres, Guitarist with Public Enemy; Myele Manazan ex Drummer with Electric Wire Hustle, and who has toured with Mark De Clive Low this year, Amp Fiddler, long time live keyboardist with Funkadelic, and established solo artist, and Akwasi Mensah on bass (who has collaborated with Mr Parrish before). This was a sold out show with an eager and interested crowd to see how Mr Parrish has transformed his vinyl only releases via his Sound Signature Productions, and i’m sorry to say, although the set went down well with the majority of the crowd, for this media-hyped gig, there was much room for improvement. All the musicians played flawlessly, but the engineer (i’m guessing the Ritz in-house engineer) managed to create a flat and boring sound that would suit hard rock bands. This meant that the deft touches and phrasing of the musicians could not properly be heard. I must also complain about the group dancers that were on stage throughout most of the gig, They were annoying and took away from the musicians, they started off as an irritation, but by the end of the gig (an they were on stage for a lot it) they were just annoying. I’m not one much for hype when it comes to live music, I feel the music should provide this itself. All said and done there were some great grooves produced and an explosive drum solo my Myele Manzana that would have put most rock drummers to shame. I would love to get the chance to see this set again but with competent sound engineers, or in a venue that can.

Theo Parrish – 15th July 2014 @ The Ritz, Manchester on July 28, 2014 rated 2.5 of 5