Myron & E – 8th July 2014 @ Band On The Wall



Myron & E have been around for a few years now releasing a string of great 45’s on the Timmon label, but only started to get critical acclaim when they joined Stones Throw records for their first full player “Broadway” (available in all formats). Since then their releases have only been on vinyl and again on the Helsinki based Timmon Records (‘Cold Game’ is re-release of ‘Broadway’ with added tracks, and also their newest release ‘Going In Circles’). This may be why they still don’t appear to be too well known, and with the cover price of tickets for this gig at only £6.40, they still did not sell out this small and iconic venue. No complaints here though as this meant that there was enough space to dance (without drinks spillage) to enjoy their music as it should be done. As the ticket price was so low, I was not expecting Finland’s Soul Investigators (Myron & E’s backing band) to be performing, but we were not let down with their re-placement; the multi talented Gene Dudley and his live band The Gene Dudley Group. The band performed a half hour warm up set with songs from their first full playing release ‘Saturday Shifting’, before Myron & E joined them on stage. This was not a polished gig, with the band always not knowing when to finish their groove laden music, and with much improvisation in their playing, but this only added a welcomed uncertainty to this low key gig. The band performed numbers from all their releases, with a few added covers dropped in for good measure. Their cover of Archie Bell and the Drell’s ‘Tighten Up’ was as tight at could be, with E adding an extra layer of infectious rhythm on cowbell, whilst the encore soul version of ‘Get Back’ by the Beatles also did not disappoint. The duo provided us with a great show for 90 minutes of their own brand of retro soul and funk, without being formulaic. The highlight for me being their latest single ‘Behind Closed Doors’ which when I got home ordered on vinyl 45 without mumbling about their being no electronic release. If you get chance to catch them on their short UK tour, or at some of the smaller festivals where they are performing over the next few weeks, do so. This duo are going to be around for a while, doing things their way, and for that I applaud them.


Myron & E – 8th July 2014 @ Band On The Wall on July 12, 2014 rated 3.5 of 5