Mark De Clive-Lowe – Church



Church is the new (and 11th) release from Mark De Clive-Lowe (MdCL) the New Zealand Keyboardist and Producer who now resides in LA. One of the pioneers of nu-jazz and broken beat movements, with major influences drawn from Jazz and fused with intelligent urban rhythms, Mr Clive-Lowe’s new release is a meticulously planned and well executed piece of work.

The multi talented Mr Clive-Lowe plays keys (Piano/Rhodes), provides the samples and programming, and live electronic manipulation for this release. Coupled with this is a whole host of session players and vocalists (from sessions in LA and NY) on individual tracks, which bring added life to his original compositions and covers.

Its is the cohesiveness of individual tracks, coupled with the running order of this full playing release (funded through a Kick Starter campaign) that makes this music an album, rather than a selection of individual tracks of modal sounds from large sonic palette. The highlights for the more dance orientated among us are the up-tempo track ‘Brukstep’ which is heavily influenced by the London Broken Beat and Two Step movements (where MdCL lived for a decade), and  ‘Ghaziya’ which grabbed me straight away due to its infectious and moody synth bass. The live sessions from the musicians on the album keep the mind active whilst the infectious rhythms keep the body in constant move. If you like jazz based electronic music that is also organic and spontaneous, you would be an idiot not to give this a listen.










Mark De Clive-Lowe – Church on June 7, 2014 rated 3.8 of 5