Welcome to Dark Peak Radio

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Dark Peak Radio, a radio station whose main aim is for the upliftment of musical diversity within the High Peak and beyond.

Featured Show: Uncle Shifty’s Gumbo Hour

Uncle Shifty brings you a melting pot full of the best of ‘groove’ and ‘break’ laden new, current and classic releases for discerning dance floors. Expect sounds from the music genres of Funk, Soul, Jazz, Latin, Reggae, African, Hip Hop; also library sounds, soundtracks and groove laden club tunes, all stirred together with heavy seasoning to bring out their eclectic taste.

Are you absorbed in a specific genre(s) of music that is/are not fairly represented for you by current radio shows on offer, or could you do better than those already on the scene? If so drop us an e-mail and speak to the station regarding setting up your own show. All it takes is a bit of effort and dedication, because we believe that the more diverse the station is the richer the listeners experience will be.