Hiatus Kaiyote & RJBB – 22nd November @ The Mint Lounge,



This was the bargain gig of the week, one support band and two class acts for a tenner, if you booked early enough. One a established local band with nationwide followers, the other a rising international band with who have never played Manchester. Support was from Walk, whom for a support band were above the norm. This two piece (guitarist and vocalist) and (drummer) played music sounded like blues and boogie, incorporating electro blues rhythms, with added echo effects used on both drums and vocals. The Riot Jazz Band, whom hosted the event were headlining,  leaving Hiatus Kaiyote on next. This individual sounding future soul band from Melbourne, whom have been making waves in the right circles, for longevity, across the pond recently, were as tight as piccolo snare drum left out in the sun. It took the crowd a little while to get used to their polyrhythms coming through their ears, but it only a couple of songs for the band to take full control of the audience. They played most, if not all their début album Tawk Tomahawk, and though the band sounded as good as the album, their improvisation showed that this band had worked hard to become a unified group of musicians. They finished with a handful of new songs that were of their predecessors’ calibre, though I will be impatient until their release, as this is a band that requires further listening. Unfortunately due to my pending early start for I only caught a little of the Riot Jazz Brass Band’s set, thoughimust say, from what I saw,  they were on fire as much as when I saw them at Liverpool only a few weeks earlier. This time though, in a small club, and much nearer, the front their music was only more full on. Top night all round and one to remember.