The Mouse Outfit & The Riot Jazz Band – 26th October @ Kazimier


It was a short trip down the M62 to see these Manchester based bands at the Kazimier in Liverpool. The venue turned out to be an old theatre that had been converted to a club, with the feeling of  the vintage setting used as the clubs decor. The only quibble with the club was it seemed as though it was mainly student clientele, which was vocalised also by the MC performing with the headline act later on. It was also a shame I was driving, as there was the fully stocked original whisky bar behind where I was. I could have needed it due to the arrogance of one member of  the supporting band “The Mouse Outfit”. I recommended their first album “Escape Music”, released earlier in the year, but Dr Syntax’s vocal delivery was forced (not like the album), coupled with this, his evident delusional self belief showed his arrogance, and put a damper on this part of the night for me. Luckily after about 4 songs he was  joined on stage by the youngster of the group, Black Josh, whom shared the rest of the vocals for their set. Another quibble was that these were the only vocalists to perform for this collective tonight. Where were the others from the album? They were missed. On a positive note the band were tight as toast and I would advise anyone to see them… if all the full vocalists would be present. The main act  for the night, “Riot Jazz” were the cavalry to save this night.  Their power of brass and percussion, coupled with a charismatic and humorous MC for their live show captured the audience into a energised drunk bunch muppets who were thoroughly enjoying it. From tonight’s energetic performance, with much audience participation, it was not hard to see how Riot Jazz are a hot on the festival circuit. They performed most of the numbers from their album Sousamaphone, with great solos from all the horn blowers. The band seemed to be thoroughly enjoying playing, taking  the piss out of each other, as did the MC with the audience for most of the evening. It seemed fitting then that they finish with a few comedy covers of A-ha’s “Take On Me” and Bon Jovi’s “Living On A Prayer” which went down a storm.