Sounsci – Soundsational


This record is a gem for any ‘real Hip-Hop’ fans that puts many of its young contenders to shame. The band are a collective of producers, DJs and MC’s, whose second full release focuses on stripped down traps and hooks, with fluid and intelligent vocal delivery. The whole album is very good but the tracks that are now rooted in memory centre are: ‘Inner Energy’ , the second track of the album that bounces its way to content any  B-boys listening ; ‘Bust Em’,  a funky demonstration of each of the MC’s techniques; the stripped down vibes and snare nodder of ‘Deception’ ; the echo laden, King Tubby style rhythms of Rastaman, or the clever sampling of the Mike & The Centurions classic “There’s Nothing I Can Do” on the song ‘Get Even’. If you call yourself a fan of Hip Hop and have not bought an album this year already ?!?!?! do yourself a favour and buy it straight from the source, as tell you too at the start of the album.