Lee Fields & The Expression – 27th July @ Band On The Wall

lee fields

Having never seen Mr Fields live before I was really looking forward to seeing this seasoned soul brother and his current band, and I’m glad to say that they did not disappoint. The groove driven opening instrumental number saw just The Expressions take to the stage already creating atmosphere for the showman. The band strike up “I’ve still got it” from his last release an on walks Mr Fields, warming up his vocals with a softer number and also capturing the audience instantly with his showmanship approach. Even though he is diminutive in statue, he has the presence of a giant when entertaining, and he (very quietly) knows it. The crowd were given a near as dam it live version of most of the tracks on his last two full playing releases (“My World”, “Faithful Man”), but for me the highlight was the title track to this last album “Faithful Man” which just upped the level in the set to electric. Throughout the show The Expressions kept everything as tight as can be, whilst this late developer (of notoriety) swooned, screamed and sweated the way through the set. He sweated that much his suit was saturated, and he came on for his first encore dressed bare chest in a black leather looking like a member on an original New York Street Gang. If you get chance to see this original soul brother and his quality band whilst they are in Europe, I advise you to do so.