Saturday Shifting – The Gene Dudley Group

gd 3

This is an impressive debut album from a 27 year old one man band, who wrote and recorded every instrument on his first release (on Wah Wah 45’s label) from his bedroom in North London. This LP has been eagerly awaited since the single teaser ‘The Fawcett Negotiation/The New Lots Of Coopertown was released earlier in the year. The album is a mix of horn and rhythm led  funk & soul instrumentals, with a smidgen of reggae added for good measure, and it delivers more than a lot of the revival funk/soul bands whom have sprung up on the scene over the last few years. This young multi instrumentalist  employs a group of young talented musicians when playing live, and from the feedback from their first shows, is that this release is as eagerly impressive live. Look out of for Gene Dudley hopefully playing live your way soon.