Samuel Purdy – Musically Adrift


This former release was dropped by a small label, backed by Sony Records in 1999 and has become a little known about gem. Although it was only over ever released in Japan in 1999, it takes you straight back to the mid seventies. Think the sounds of The Doobie Brothers, Tower of Power, Steely Dan, with a bit of The Average White Band thrown in for good measure. Both the song writing and musicianship on the recording are of quality. The use of such session players such as Elliot Randall (session guitarist for Steely Dan) bring nostalgic sounds that add to the seventies song-writing style. I should also add that the horn section is wonderfully arranged, they play on top form throughout the recording. The album does not fear away from its nostalgia but embraces it with open arms. This must have been a labour of love from both Gavin Dodds (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Barney Hurley (Drums), whom make up Samuel Purdy. The musicians had worked previously with Jamiroquai, whose former member Stuart Zender is one of the Bass players on this release. Other players on this album have played with musical heavy weights (Gil Scott Heron and John Lennon to name but two), and produced by knob turning kings whom have previously recorded the likes of A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul, and also The Eagles and Steely Dan. There are no duff tracks here, but the stand out single ‘Lucky Radio’ is timeless. This album sounds like summer USA West Coast sounds, via the British South Coast. Its attention to detail will means that this LP will not be put away this summer. Now re-mastered and re-released on Tummy Touch Records.