James Hunter Six – 5th April 2013, @ Band On The Wall

James Hunter BOW

This could have not been played at any better venue in Manchester, for tonight at Band On The Wall, James Hunter and his Six, really did bring a touch of nostalgia for the harked back sounds of original R N B. All what would have been needed to make this night more authentic would have been a fire curtain to have been lifted whilst the band started, and in their increasingly beautiful noise appearing as so did they. The early curfew to this gig meant a 7:30 start, but that did not bother the eager crowd. For two hours we were given impeccable showmanship from the Cockney front man, engaging the crowd with songs from all three of his albums whilst without being a show off. The band members were equally impressive in tone and maturity, playing together and off each other with ease. Mr Hunter’s guitar theatrics and honest humour added to the beautiful sounds created by this great, great band. If they tour again, go and see them, before they set up residence in the states where recently they have gone down a storm.